Dilworth Animal Hospital
Address: 814 East Blvd Charlotte,

NC 28203

(704) 808-PETS  or  (704) 808-7387
Fax- (704) 808-7388


Contact Us at:   ContactUs@DilworthAnimalHospital.com


Surgery/Drop-Offs 7:30am

Doctor's Appointments 8:00am

Dilworth Animal Hospital

So come on by and see what the excitement is about!!!

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Locally owned and operated

Welcome to Dilworth Animal Hospital!   Here at Dilworth Animal Hospital, we are exceptional providers for all of your pet’s health care needs!  We have been proudly serving Charlotte and its surrounding communities since June 2008.  We are always excited to meet new people and their pets!  So, come on in and let us introduce ourselves.  At the very least you can see what we've done to the 1910 bungalow at 814 East Blvd. . .

Our Philosophy-
Our philosophy can be summarized in two words: 
Compassionate Care. 

This means top quality medicine paired with a sensitivity to the needs of your family.  We recognize that there are many factors that come into play for each patient and their family.  We strive to listen to and address all of these needs.  We take great pride in the amount of time devoted to educating our families. Your family deserves to know why a particular protocol is recommended and what the value of these treatments will be in the long term.  We also feel that it is important to help differentiate between what is needed versus what is optimal.  We will always treat your “family members” as if they were our very own.

We are honest, hardworking, and very good at the medicine that we practice.  We are also ferociously proud that we are able to help and serve our community around us.  Mostly we love what we do and we have a fun time doing it!  

Thursday  7:30am-6:00pm